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Join the Movement Toward Racial Justice
Join the Movement toward Racial Justice was featured as a new campaign initiative during General Synod 33 in 2021. Movements are ignited by people with deep commitments to advancing human and civil rights. Movements are sustained by people of faith rooted in God’s love for humanity. Movements create solidarity across cultures, ethnicities, non-binary gender identities, and intersectional ways of being in the world. Movement makers believe in justice—racial, socioeconomic, health, creation care, reparations, housing, education—for all.

The Join the Movement webinar will feature speakers deeply committed to racial justice, and human and civil rights across the UCC denomination. The capital campaign will assist local churches with grants to sustain the work of racial justice, support new initiatives, develop new churches, and encourage the next generation of young adults to continue the mission and vision of the UCC. Come and listen to the transformational work by committed racial justice Movement Makers.

· Kent Siladi, UCC Director of Philanthropy
· Walter Reyes, Chief Human Resources Officer, Pension Board UCC
· Bonnie Bates, UCC Conference Minister Penn Northeast
· Rachel Chapman, UCCB Member, Southern California Nevada Conference
· Haley Hudler, Seminary Student, Chicago Theological Seminary
· Laura McLeod, Sr. Pastor Brookfield Congregational Church, UCC
· Peter Makari, Executive, Middle East and Europe, Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ

This webinar is part of a special series of Thursdays for the Soul webinars focused on twelve Just World Covenant programs in the United Church of Christ. On the third Thursday of each month, one of these programs will be featured. Learn more at: www.ucc.org/just_world_covenants

Mar 16, 2023 03:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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